A brief history

Christmas Cheer in Humboldt

The program originated with a man named Don Telfer in 1983/84. He approached one of the churches and asked if they felt there was a need. The reply was 'yes'. He then approached a few more churches and then made a public appeal for canned goods to make hampers. The first year, they handed out 12-15 hampers to Humboldt and area, and the numbers grew from there. After 2-3 years, awareness of the need spread so the program grew larger and the donations got bigger. Don then contacted Dan Ringrose from the Kinsmen Club. The Kinsmen took over the campaign at that time and ran it for several years, providing all the fixings for a Christmas meal and a gift for each child. In 2006, the Kinettes took over the campaign. All the fixings for a Christmas meal are still included as well as a breakfast the next morning. Also, fresh fruit and vegetables were added as well as some toiletries (if funds allow).

To help fund the program, the Kinettes began the Adopt a Family part of Christmas Cheer. The Kinettes order the food hampers, and add the toys and extras that the business has bought for the specified family – then, the fun part --- delivering! Last year 87 hampers were given out to Humboldt and community!! It is an extremely rewarding and sometimes emotional experience delivering the hampers and knowing that it is really making a difference in someone's life.

The Christmas Cheer committee is always truly grateful for all the support they receive! We rely heavily on our supporters for funding and every donation really adds up – each family that we can adopt out makes a HUGE difference!